Wes + Sam #stephensatlast

March 29, 2015  •  4 Comments

So, this is my second wedding EVER to photograph, and it was so much fun! Wes and Sam are family so, I had an amazing time being a part of their big day. The camera loves them, so gorgeous :) I wish them a lifetime of happiness!



Thank you so much Jenny for capturing the beauty of my daughter and her wedding. Her and Wes are perfect together and it shows in every picture.
The Whimsy Willow
Thank you so much Shawn! It was great meeting you too! Love Wes and Sam, the wedding was so beautiful. They threw a great party too!
Jenny, these are wonderful! It was a pleasure meeting you, my beautiful Niece and new Nephew are blessed to have had your talented eye to capture the magic of their special day!
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